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Adventures in Literature

Each child will experience the stories in a whole new way by not only reading the story but also engaging in hands on activities that relate to the tale.

Class Size: 10, Length: 1.5 hours per week


Adventures in Outer Space

While exploring the universe, children will learn about astronauts, weightlessness, planets, the phases of the moon, the space stations, and more. Using a variety of mediums, we will create planets, shooting stars, astronauts and aliens and we will build and blast off rocket ships!

Class size: 10, Length: 1.5 hours per week

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Discoveries and Curiosities

Erupt a volcano, create some slime, and launch a rocket! This class will promote vital skills, creative thinking, and love and familiarity of science. Experiment with things such as solids, liquids, and gases through fun, exciting, and sometimes messy hands-on activities.

Class size: 10, Length: 1.5 hours per week


Dramatic Kids

Come join us for this 90-minute class filled with storytelling, expression, dramatic play, imagination, creativity, movement music, singing and dancing.

Class size: 10, Length: 1.5 hours per week


Fun with Ones & Twos

Caregivers and teachers work together to provide a safe, nurturing environment for Toddlers to explore, create, play, sing, & dance. This class is a wonderful bridge to preschool that helps children develop a lifelong love of learning with the support of a familiar face.

Class Size: 12, Length: 1.5 hours per week


Going to the Zoo

We’re going to Zoo❗️
How about You??
Come join us while we visit Zoo Animals, with spots, stripes, fur, 4
legs,2 legs and much more!!
We will do an art project and read a book on a different animal each week.
Come take an adventure with us! Guaranteed Fun❗️

Class Size: 10, Length: 1.5 hours per week


Illustrations, Author’s and Art

This class is designed to inspire and nurture your child’s creativity. Children will hear one or two classic children’s stories and examine the illustrations used in the book. Students will learn to create their own illustrations using the same media as the illustrator.  This exciting class will enrich and expand a child’s love for literature and art.

Class size: 10, Length: 1.5 hours per week


International Adventures

Making a passport and flying on our imaginary airplane to different countries around the world. Learning about different cultures, learning how to say hello and good bye in the different languages, going on pretend safaris to see different animals living in jungles, rain forests, alps, brush,deserts, ect. cooking traditional foods or desserts from some of the countries we visit. Making flags from the countries.

Class Size: 10, Length: 1.5 hours per week


Intro to Ballet

The Young Dancers Program at the Conservatory is joyful, healthy, and wholesome. These classes expose students to the joy of dance through movement games, creative exercises, exploration of dance styles and an introduction to movement vocabulary. Children flourish in a positive atmosphere of self-discovery while learning a curriculum that introduces the basic concepts of ballet, promotes musicality and rhythm, and instructs foundational and fundamental dance techniques.

Class Size: 10, Length: 1.5 hours per week


Kempo Karate

Kempo Karate is an excellent activity to start at an early age, to help develop self-confidence, focus, discipline and respect for others. In a fun and controlled environment students will build motor skills by learning a series of punches, kicks and blocks. Throughout the course important character building lessons are also incorporated and each class day will end with a “Karate Game”. All students will be provided with a White Belt at the beginning of the program. At the conclusion of the program all eligible students will be invited to earn their yellow belt at an optional belt rank advancement test, hosted at our Ridgefield studio location. 

Class Size: 10, Length: 1 hours per week


Little Chefs

Learning to cook at an early age is an exciting skill for a preschooler. The Little Chefs offers the opportunity for children to learn how to measure, to mix, what a recipe is and proper kitchen safety. Children will make everything from appetizers to desserts. At the end of the session, each child gets their own recipe book to share at home.

Class Size: 8, Length:1.5 hours per week


Messy Fun

Your children will get their whole bodies involved in this exciting sensory class. They will paint with everything but a brush! Drop paint soaked sponges from high above to make a “splat” and let the toilet paper fly for some rolling around fun! We will be making and exploring different types of material including clean mud, goo, glop and dough. Your child’s creativity will soar and your dinner conversations will be lively after each class!

Class Size: 10, Length: 1.5 hours per week


Nursery Rhymes

With Jack and Jill and Humpty Dumpty, the children will enjoy water games and experiments, have egg relay races, and learn how to make an egg float. We’ll play number games with Hickory Dickory Dock, and learn about the weather with the help of other familiar rhymes. The children will create masks and props to perform The Three Piggy Opera and The Billy Goats Gruff.

Class Size: 10, Length: 1.5 hours per week


Preschool Potpourri

Preschool Potpourri is an excellent way for your child to be introduced to all areas of the enrichment curriculum. Each week will offer something new from cooking, literature, art, science, math and gross motor play. Come explore the world of learning and fun.

Class Size: 10, Length: 1.5 hours per week


Reading Explorers

Featuring the works of Mo Willems, Nancy Carlson, Michael Rosen and many more!

Class Size: 10, Length: 1.5 hours per week


Sculptures & Three Dimensional

Do you want to build a snowman? How about colorful ice sculptures? In Sculptures and 3-Dimensionals, we will be using nature and other non-organic materials to build fun and exciting crafts! Using clay and making our own play dough, this class will create coil pots and paper mache bowls. Mini Picasso’s and nonartists alike will have a blast in this hands on class!

Class size: 10, Length: 1.5 hours per week


Team Players

Learn how to be a team player and have an intro to all kinds of athletic skills! From obstacle courses to tag, we will be covering a lot of ground! Red rover, soccer, football, hockey, basketball, and much more! Children will also learn how to cooperate, share, & participate in character building activities and more.

Class size: 10, Length: 1.5 hours per week


Water Water Everywhere

While exploring water habitats, the children will learn about different animals and how they adapt to their environment. We will perform several experiments involving evaporation and condensation to explain the water cycle, and we’ll have fun comparing fresh water and salt water. While creating the four layers of the rainforest, we will listen to the sounds of the rainforest and taste and smell the different fruits and spices that grow there.

Class Size: 10, Length: 1.5 hours per week.


Under The Sea

Children will learn about some of the wondrous ocean creatures through various picture books, stories and games. Each week kids will explore and create through a variety of art projects. They may be working with “ ocean slime”, making “chopping sharks” with clothespins, shell collages, paper bag jelly fish, egg carton turtles or a paper towel roll octopus!! Come discover more Under the Sea!!

Class Size: 10, Length: 1.5 hours per week